CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and injustice to help create a more equal and gender-just world. We put women and girls in the center of our work because we know that poverty cannot be overcome until all people have equal rights and opportunities. This cannot be achieved without people of all genders, identities and diverse backgrounds being included and feeling safe and respected.

For this year’s International Women's Day (IWD), we are joining the global IWD movement and campaign under the #EmbraceEquity theme.

While the term embrace means to willingly and enthusiastically accept, adopt, and espouse, the term equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances which can make it more difficult for them to achieve the same goals as others. The goal of equity is to change systemic and structural barriers that get in the way of people's ability to thrive.  CARE takes different needs and priorities into consideration while supporting people in need across the globe on our joint journey towards a better and just world. Together we can work collectively to impact positive change. Let's all embrace equity today, and always.


Quincy embracing himself.
Quincy, CARE Germany: "To embrace equity means to embrace our humanity and to treat each other as equals."
Birgit embracing herself.
Birgit, CARE Germany: "Embrace Equity for me is the call to embrace the diversity of all people in global solidarity and stand up for gender justice!"
Sumka embracing herself.
Sumka, CARE Balkans: "Gender equity for me means freedom…an abundance of opportunities you can tap into without hitting the glass ceiling."
Katrin embracing herself.
Katrin, CARE Germany: "Believing in people and motivating & supporting them to articulate their needs."
Catherine from Kenya embraces herself.
Catherine, Kenya: "Life would be much better if women in the villages would get access to timely information and current issues. It can give them a better chance of development."
Juliane embracing herself.
Juliane, CARE Germany: "Together with mutual respect and open minds to learn from each other."
Alsadiq embracing himself.
Alsadiq, CARE Libya: "Women are the antidote of life and the school of civilization."
Huda embracing herself.
Huda, CARE Iraq: "I believe embracing equity is by listening to others when they want and need to be heard to understand their perspective and their ideas without judging them."
Ruth embracing herself.
Ruth, Kenya: "God doesn’t abandon His own and if you believe in Him and work hard, He will lift you up. The business grant and VSLA has been God’s way of blessing me."
Aida embracing herself.
Aida, CARE Balkans: "We all are, around the world, created equal but our starting points were not. Let’s give everyone a chance."
Judith embracing herself.
Judith, Kenya: "Your life may seem to be meaningless and people may consider you to be useless, but situations change when you get that chance. VSLA gave me that chance."
Celine embracing herself.
Celine, CARE International: "I believe it is essential to end all forms of discrimination and ensure that every person can realise their human rights. This is why I am so committed to my role at CARE - because #EmbraceEquity is at the heart of what we do!"
Constanze embracing herself.
Constanze, Germany: "Equality must finally be reached! We can only get there through equity. Thus, I embrace euqity!"
Zvjezdana embracing herself.
Zvjezdana, CARE Balkans: "Understanding and embracing diverse perspectives of others helps us enrich our lives and broaden our horizons."
Duaa from Iraq embracing herself.
Duaa, CARE Iraq: "We can achieve equity by considering and appreciating individual differences whether at work or home."
Felix embracing himself.
Felix, CARE Germany: "Equity means for me that everyone can be whoever they really are."
Kavi embracing herself.
Kavi, CARE Iraq: "I consider equity to be one of the basic human traits, a trait we all need to have and act based on that in our daily life."
Rita embraces equity
Rita, CARE Balkans: "Everyone deserves a seat at the table!"
Mercy is embracing herself.
Mercy, Kenya: "I was reduced to a beggar in 2020 when COVID-19 struck. However, the grant I received has turned things around for me."
Vanja embracing himself.
Vanja, CARE Balkans: "Embracing equity can help build stronger communities by promoting social justice, reducing inequalities, and creating a sense of belonging, fairness and solidarity among individuals."
Rawan embracing herself.
Rawan, CARE Iraq: "In my personal life, I embrace equity by speaking up, especially for those who don't have the voice or the opportunity to do so. In my professional life, I embrace equity by ensuring that women’s and girls’ voices are heard and that they have access to the same resources."