Hartmann and CARE promote basic health

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CARE and HARTMANN, a leading manufacturer of medical and hygiene products started to work together on healthcare projects since July 2015. During this collaboration, HARTMANN will support specific CARE projects in countries such as Bolivia and Kenya. HARTMANN and CARE intend to improve access to healthcare and basic health services by building health centres, training health workers and raising awareness about hygiene and health.

Selected HARTMANN employees will be able to travel to the project area as volunteers and ambassadors of the HARTMANN brand. There are various opportunities to support CARE projects. The volunteers will help build health centres, provide patient care in health stations and use their expertise for training of local health workers: Impressions of HARTMANNs first volunteering trip to Bolivia.

Promotion of basic health



About the cooperation

Andreas Joehle, Vorstandsvorsitzender Paul Hartmann AG

Andreas Joehle

Chief Executive Officer PAUL HARTMANN AG

“We believe it is our responsibility as a leader in the healthcare industry, to improve healthcare everywhere. We want to share our expertise across a broad range of healthcare services including hygiene and wound management. In CARE we have found a partner who goes further for health, just like HARTMANN,” said Andreas Joehle, CEO of PAUL HARTMANN AG.

Stefan Ewers, Vorstandsmitglied CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V.

Stefan Ewers

Board Member CARE Germany Luxembourg

„By joining forces and relying on the longstanding experience of our employees on site and the competence of HARTMANN in the healthcare sector, we can achieve much for local people and improve the health systems in the project countries sustainably."

Hartmann und CARE treiben Basisgesundheit voran

Foto Baby Bolivien

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CARE designs innovative partnerships with companies that share our vision of a better world. Common goals lead to joint action and increase the impact on the poorest in society, all over the world. Whether engaged in emergency aid, through the promotion of long-term projects or by an employee and customer actions - your company helps! Please contact us.


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