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Hebamme aus Uganda blickt in die Kamera.

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Mid April - May 14th Erlangen, Universitäts-Perinatalzentrum Franken
May 15th - Mid JulyUniversity Hospital Augsburg

"When women are in labor, they feel better when someone is there who speaks their language and understands them. After everything they've been through, they should at least feel safe during birth. That's why I became a midwife," says Diyana, an Ezidi midwife from Iraq, when asked what motivates her. Her job is not always easy: the workplace is poorly equipped, the responsibility is great and the security situation is still difficult.

Safe childbirth is a human right, but not something that can be taken for granted. On average, more than 800 women die every day worldwide due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth. This is especially true in countries where a large proportion of people have very low incomes and medical care is inadequate. 

Midwives are an essential part of a safe birth. They accompany expectant mothers medically, give them support and security. They support them before, during and after giving birth. They are often more than just medical personnel; midwives are caregivers, educators and confidants. Despite adverse circumstances, they perform the unimaginable for mother and child. They are heroines who stand up for life every day.

Hebamme aus Uganda haelt ein Neugeborenes nach der Entbindung in den Haenden.
Eine ukrainische Hebamme sitzt im Behandlungszimmer.

Six women, six countries, six places where babies are helped into life

The exhibition portrays six midwives from Côte d'Ivoire, Iraq, Cambodia, Uganda, Ukraine and Germany. Six women, six countries, six places where life begins. Each of the six women has her own personal story. What unites the women is their love for their profession and their motivation to support mothers and children. The photographs impressively show the circumstances under which the women work, the obstacles they face and the passion they bring to their profession - their vocation.

Everyone has the right to a self-determined pregnancy, a healthy, safe birth and comprehensive aftercare - regardless of where a child is born. The exhibition illustrates how important and valuable professional and sensitive prenatal care, birth support and aftercare by a midwife is for mother and child. Thanks to the generous support of the German Postcode Lottery, CARE was able to accompany all midwives on site for several days. All portraits were taken by local photographers.
CARE is particularly committed to the rights of women and girls worldwide. This includes protecting mothers and newborns and supporting the work of midwives worldwide. CARE trains midwives, operates mother-child wards that enable safe births, and educates women about their rights, family planning and contraception.

Eine Hebamme im Irak untersucht ein Neugeborenes.

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Cover der Hebammenstudie von CARE aus dem November 2023.

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To meet existing needs there is a shortage of around 900,000 midwives worldwide. In a new study, CARE takes a look at the situation of midwives in the crisis and post-conflict contexts of Iraq and Côte d'Ivoire where midwives often compensate for the shortcomings of resource-poor and sometimes dysfunctional health systems through a high level of personal commitment.

The study is available in English, French and German.

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